Dell laptop models and specifications

Dell Showroom in Chennai – Dell Laptop Showroom in Chennai – In this new generation of hi-tech digital equipment, computers have a great value. The computers are now available from laptops to palm type and much more designs. There are many companies who are making laptops. From these companies, some companies have a great brand value like DELL, HP, APPLE, Lenovo etc.

The Dell laptop is specific designed and fulfills all the required conditions of the customers. The Dell is the company known for their laptop world- wide. The brand value of the company is so high.  Many users have preferred Dell as the first choice. You can check the Dell laptop models and specifications here. We have been provided best view for you.

There are many well-known designs of the Dell laptop. But we have been chosen the best top models of the Dell laptop. You can observe them according to your requirement and budget.



Inspiron 15 300

This model has Intel Pentium dual core processor with window 8.1. Internal memory is 4GB and 500 GB Hard drive. This model is also available in the AMD Quad Core A6- 3400M processor, 4th Generation Intel Core i3 processor and 4th Gen Core i3 processor.

Inspiron 15 3542 (i3)

The processor of this model is 4th Gen Core i3 processor with Ubuntu. The memory and hard drive are same as previous model 4 GB and 500 GB.

Inspiron 15 3558

The process of the model is 4th Gen Intel Core i3-4005U with windows 8.1 as a genuine operating system. The device has 4GB memory and hard disk will be 500 GB.

Inspiron 15 3542 (i5)

It contains 4th Generation Intel Core i5 – 4210U processor with 8.1 genuine windows. The memory will be 4GB and 1 TB HDD Hard drive.

Inspiron 14 300

It has 4th Gen Intel core i3 processor having windows 8.1. The memory is 4 GB and 500 GB hard drive.

Inspiron 11 3000

This model has Intel Celeron dual core processor with 8.1 genuine windows. The memory is 4GB and 500 hard Drive. This model is also available with processor Intel Pentium Quad core N3530 and 4th Generation Intel Core i3 Processor.

You can also check other specification of these models from the official website. You can also choose the best model for your needs. Thanks! To know more, visit



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